Volunteer Requirements for 2023-IMPORTANT Info-Please Read!!

    Hello Barracuda Families!

    My name is Melea Connett, and I am the Volunteer Coordinator for this swim season. Joining me this season to help with my responsibilities will be Kristen Neal. We will be working to make sure we fill all the volunteer jobs so that each meet can run efficiently and smoothly. Please take a moment and read this entire email. It’s a long one, but we cannot have meets without our volunteers!

    In order for your child(ren) to participate in swim meets, your family will be required to volunteer at home and away meets. Each family is responsible for working 6 shifts for the season. I know we have many new families this year so I am going to try and explain the requirements and specifics as best as I can. Each meet is divided into two shifts. The 1st shift will be events #1-40 and includes our younger swimmers. If you only have younger children, you will want to only sign up for 1st shift jobs so that when your swimmer is done, you will also be done with your volunteer responsibilities. The 2nd shift is for events #41-80 and has mostly older swimmers’ events. Please note that if you have a junior swimmer that will not compete in meets, you are exempt from volunteer requirements. Also note, if your swimmer qualifies for the county meet, you will be required to volunteer for that meet. That is not included in your regular season requirements.

    There are several different types of jobs that you can volunteer for. See the list below with the responsibilities for each.

    *Bull Pen- These volunteers will work together to keep the children in the appropriate areas and help them line up in the appropriate lanes when their event is called.

    *Staging—These volunteers work together to make sure swimmers are lined up in appropriate lanes at the appropriate times.

    *Set Up—This position is for volunteers that can be early to the meets and help set up the pool deck. It will require lifting and moving chairs and taping off certain areas to prepare for the meet. It will require being extra early to meets as well.

    *Clean Up-This position will stay after the meet is over to help put the pool deck back in order for the club the next day. Will require lifting and moving chairs, cleaning up the pool deck and getting it back in proper order. (High School Students may sign up for this to fulfill their family requirements)

    *Runner—This position is responsible for collecting the time cards in an orderly manner and dropping them off at the scoring table.

    *Stroke/Turn Judge—This position ensures that the rules relating to the style of swimming designated for the event are being observed and also ensures that, when turning or finishing, the swimmer complies with the turning and finishing rules applicable to the stroke used. (Must be certified for this position)

    *Timer—This position is required to stay in a lane and time for each event. There will be a head timer that will help make sure you know how to work the timers and assign lanes and there are also two back up timers for each shift.

    *Verifier-This is a position that we need at away meets to check times as they are entered into the computer. It is a sitting position but many times you will not have sight of the pool so keep that in mind.

    *Concessions- This position is to simply work the concessions stand. The food will already be bought and/or prepared. You will just be selling and collecting money. I am looking for 4 consistent volunteers to work the home meets for concessions. If you choose to help in this area, you will not have to work at away meets. Please send me an email if you are interested in this position.

    The job signups will open on May 12, 2023 at 10:00am. You will have until 10:00am on May 17, 2023 to sign up for your required positions. If you have not signed up for your required shifts by that date, they will be assigned for you. Final assignments will be emailed out the week of May 22nd. Failure to complete your required assignments may result in your swimmer’s eligibility to compete in meets.

    Steps for signing up:

    >Login to bhcc.swimtopia.com

    >Click on Calendar

    >Click one of the meets in the right-hand column under “Upcoming Events”

    >On the far-right side of each meet there is a green box “Job Sign Up”, click on each meet to select a minimum of 6 shifts per family

    If you have questions about how to sign up or have any issues with the sign-up process, please reach out to me at [email protected] or my cell 678-362-8668.

    You made it to the end! 😊 Thank you so much in advance for being willing to help to make this a great season! We couldn't do it without our wonderful volunteers! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

    Melea Connett, Volunteer Coordinator

    Kristen Neal, Volunteer Coordinator

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