Week 2 of Swim Clinics

    Hello everyone!  We had a successful and fun 1st week of swim clinics/practices with Coach Bos and Coach Garrett.  We are so proud of all of our swimmers who participated this week and we look forward to our 2nd week.  

    I am including the link for you to sign up for next week's clinics if you are interested.  

    I am also including our rules and guidelines again to help keep everyone safe.  


    -There will be two practice times each day (Monday – Thursday) and they will be mixed age group. The times will be 8:30-9:30 am and 10:00-11:00 am. If you sign up for a week, your swimmer will be able to come for Monday through Thursday of that week.

    • -In order to participate, the swimmer must be able to swim an entire length of the pool multiple times as they will be swimming for an entire hour.
    • -There will be NO parents allowed inside the pool area during practices ( NO exceptions)
    • -Swimmers are to wait in their car until 5-10 minutes before practice starts.
    • -Swimmers should be dressed in their suit and will only be allowed to bring themselves, goggles, and a swim cap ( NO swim bags or towels will be allowed as there will be NO place to put them) NO exceptions
    • -Once swimmers get out of the car, they will be asked to line up on the marked cones/markers which will be spaced 6 feet apart
    • -Swimmers will have their temperature taken and will only be allowed to practice if the infrared thermometer reads 100.4 f or lower (it is important with the summer heat to keep your swimmers in the car until it is time to line up to prevent false high readings.
    • -The bathrooms will be available for emergencies only and only one person will be allowed in the restroom at a time. Restrooms will be sanitized after each swim session.
    • -There will be a limit of 12 swimmers per session and there will be 2 swimmers in each lane (starting at opposite ends)
    • -Once swim practice is over, swimmers will immediately leave the pool area and head straight to their car. Parents must be there on time to pick them up.
    • -The cost per week will be $40 for the first swimmer and $20 for each additional sibling.
    • -Payments will need to be sent via Venmo to the following: karlbkrug4 each Sunday night before the week’s practice. We are unable to accept other forms of payment at this time. Venmo is a free app that can be easily downloaded on your phone or device.
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