2020 Season!

    Hi everyone!!!!!

    We hope you have had a wonderful fall and winter so far and we really look forward to having you back for another AWESOME summer with our Berkeley Hills Barracudas. We are having a registration drive during the month of February and really need your help in recruiting new swimmers to the team. As we told you at the end of our season party last summer, there are a few perks to recruiting new swimmers.

    For every swimmer you refer to the team, you will receive $10 off one swimmer's registration fee. If you refer 3 or more swimmers, you will receive $50 off one swimmer's registration fee.

    So...start recruiting!!!!!

    Also - pass it on....we will have a NEW and improved Junior Barracudas program this year which means we will be accepting young swimmers who are not able to swim yet as long as they are not afraid of getting into the water. We will be offering some instruction for those young swimmers to help prepare them for being part of the team. Please reach out to your pre school friends and encourage them to join.

    Registration will open on February 1st, and we want to get our numbers up as soon as possible.

    Thanks everyone and GO BARRACUDAS!!!!!!

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